Tuesday, November 20, 2012


i am joy in love

you are
a waterfall of love,

and my love,
you stabilise my
irrational dreams.

like pillars, you
raise my face to seek the sun.

your hands hold my
silk body close to yours,
i am stilled, but still here
in this infinite reality.

your breath is my heartbeat,
and i would give you my pound
of flesh. if only i still had it, i would
give to you all over again. but

it leapt out of me, and into you,
the first time you kissed me.

that first moment where your lips covered
mine and i gave in wholly.

to me, your words are holy,
even when they tease the
blood in my veins.

when you said: "love, you
make my waters move"
i fell even more into you,

all my world is for you.

all my words are for you.

in the dark, lying next to you,
i am filed with inexplicable joy and

i am in love

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